Purple Muck Challenge

Help us Make March Purple in a fun (and messy!) way, by taking on the Purple Muck Challenge! Slime your closest friends and family, your colleagues, or even your principal to raise awareness for epilepsy.

However you choose to take on the challenge, don't forget to film it and post on social media with the hashtags #GetMuckedEpilepsy and #MuckMeForEpilepsy to spread the word and keep the challenge going!

To make Purple Muck you will need:

  • Bucket
  • Flour (1kg will fill half a bucket)
  • Baby Shampoo (500mL)
  • Purple food colouring (or mix blue and red)
  • Water (add to get desired consistency)

Combine the flour and baby shampoo first, slowly adding water until you reach your desired consistency. Then, add purple food colouring until you get your favourite shade of purple. Now you’re ready to get mucking!

Discover more tips and tricks in our Purple Muck Challenge guide.

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